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Submitted on
October 26, 2013


11 (who?)

Dreams Contest *CLOSED*

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 10:58 PM
In this contest, you will need to create a surrealistic image or piece of literature. It does not matter what art form you use to do this. All that matters is that it is surrealistic.

What is surrealism?
It is the use of art to create a "dream like" image or piece of literature.

Does it cost anything to enter the contest?
Not at all! I hope many people enter the contest. :D

Can I enter more than one piece of art?
You can enter a maximum of 2 pieces, however, you can not win a first and second (or third) prize. The best of the two would be chosen for which ever place you had won.

When is the end date?
The end date is JANUARY 6, 2014 @ MIDNIGHT (Central Time - 12:00 AM)
Winner(s) will be announced 1 week after end date.


1.) The piece of art HAS to be surrealistic.
2.) You can only submit TWO pieces into the contest.
3.) It has to be an original piece made for this contest.
4.) Other than that, let your mind run wild! The sky is the limit. :)

PRIZES: (subject to change. I would still like some more donations for this contest. :) )

(If there are 3 or less participants, the contest will not happen. So please spread the word about this contest!!! Post it in your journals if you can! :D )

If 4-9 Participants:
1st Prize: :points:120, 1 Surrealistic image from myself, 1 Shadow portrait from myself, 1 drawing of a character by Whitefoxtail, 1 lineart colored by Mewsic-Haznt-dyd-yet, a 2 week feature + llama on AnotherContestGroup, and the winner's package from Ponits4YOU

If 10 or More Participants:
2 week feature to top three participants on AnotherContestGroup and a 1 month feature from Ponits4YOU + a llama
1st Prize: :points:85, 1 surrealistic image from myself, and 1 Shadow portrait from myself, a llama given by AnotherContestGroup, and a constructive critique from Ponits4YOU
2nd Prize: :points:25 and one drawing from Whitefoxtail
3rd Prize: :points:10 and one lineart colored by Mewsic-Haznt-dyd-yet


I have been having a lot of confusion about where to submit entries. I would just like to say that you can either leave a link/thumbnail here in the comments when you are finished with it, or you can note it to me. :) Which ever is more convenient for you.

Thanks again for Participating!!! :D

People Who Donated:


1 drawing


1 lineart





The Volcano of Auroras by Illustrum



Tear by Cyneburg


Bosque by esebepe


If Time Were To StopThis poem was done for a contest on surrealism. I got the idea as soon as I woke up and the poem was written that night. Enjoy!
Time Stops
and the colors fade
the rain floats unwavering
wind holds its breath
all sounds hush
the heartbeat ceases
Time Stops
our thoughts are left dangling
blood forever taints the sword
crime is left unpunished
and virtues unheard-of
the young never age
Time stops
we never wake up
society doesn’t evolve
the words don’t spread
seasons reject their duties
spirits neglect passing on
If time were to stop…


Kaleidoscope SkyThe sky is a kaleidoscope, sunshine swirling through Van Gogh clouds and a sapphire horizon that swells like the sea. I squint and it all shifts and shakes, azure and golden light refracts off everything and nothing at all. It kind of makes me dizzy.
A shadow passes overhead and there’s a chill in the breeze that makes me shiver. A heavy cloud, a drip-drop upon my brow- I open my mouth and catch pinot noir-flavored rain on my tongue. I lick my lips and savor the taste, so curious at the buzz in my head.  
I blink slow and the land turns dark- no moon or stars to light my path. Just a writhing mess of trees before me, a sudden movement from the corner of my eye.  
Another shadow crosses but this one’s fast, shooting across my line of site and I feel like I should run but my body is frozen in place.  
I feel like I should scream but even as my mouth gapes and I push...the sound just morphs into a trembling whisper.
A lightning strike, a crack of thunder, it


Dreaming of a Higher Being by etykut


<da:thumb id="403247999"/>


The Dragon Cat by Reji-Tsukoiyo


<da:thumb id="419023520"/>


The StruggleToday I learned
The story of a fierce fight
A fight for dominance
Going on inside of me
It won't end until I die
Big B tries to dominate
But he can't crush this fighter
Lil B lashes out and fights back
He won't be hidden like the others
And so this war rages between two parties
The battle inside
A clash between colors
This is why I am who I am
I am not suppressed
I am not assertive
I am me
I am hetero
This is the reason
I'm the girl with the green eyes


Clockworld FacesClockworld Faces
The aged brass sky
Shining a pale golden gleam
Of a sunset that never ends
Its twisted melody
Residing in my ears
Is dull and chocking
Like rusty pipes spewing out
The remnants of a ironwood tree
Clanging and banging to the whirrs and screeches
Of distant memories in the sun
We chase
What is ours to chase
Nothing more
Like hands of the faceless faces
Trying to seek each others warmth
Yet like so many others
And finally forgotten
The faceless, they
Watch as time passes
Yet they themselves
They feel not
The sickle's chill
Nor do they comprehend the ticking, hissing
Of falling sand in imprisoned glass
That we try so hard to rein
We chase
What is ours to chase
Nothing further
Nothing more
Our lives are short compared to
The faceless
And their iron hands gloved in rust
We cannot say whether our lives mean more
Than the faceless and their dust
Our lives are worth
Only so much
360 degrees, no more
Before the faceless faces clasp their hands together
In prayer


<da:thumb id="414135132"/>

Journal Design by SkadiWu

PS Brushes: wyckedBrush Darkresources JamesRushforth
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